Company IM was set up in 1999 by Ildikó Mándy, out of a desire to bring together creatives from different disciplines, including dance, theatre, film and music.

In 1999 their first piece, the dance theatre performance XYZ, won the “Creator Prize” at the 2nd National Contemporary Art Festival.

Performances include: e-motion; Sex, Reality, Video; 3D; Thanatophobia – The Fear of Death; A D (in memoriam Albrecht Dürer); Matter of Time; (Lady) Macbeths; He and She; RandJ; Hamletts' Club - H. (Hamlet again?) (2010); Femme like… (2011); Hamletts' Club 2.0 (2011); Shakespeare Sonnets (2012); CABaRET (2013); 1914 (2014)

The company has seven main performances in its current repertoire:

The four Shakespeare adaptations: RandJ (Romeo and Juliet); (Lady) Macbeths; Hamlets' Club 2.0; Shakespeare Sonnets;
The other three performances: She and He; CABaRET; 1914.
All of these works start out from the principle of convergence of theatre and dance.

Ildikó places a strong emphasis on breaking through the boundaries of different branches of art, or rather, uniting the different genres into one unique artistic world.
In 2003, she was awarded a Harangozó Gyula Prize from the Hungarian government for her career as a dancer and choreographer.

The company has toured in Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Israel and Egypt.

Members and colleagues working in the Company in 2012-2013:
Ildikó Mándy, choreographer, dancer
Márk Fenyves dancer
Enikő Záhonyi, actor, singer
Nóra Kallai musician, cellist
Anna Piotrowska, dancer, choreographer
Tünde Szalontay, actor
Balázs Károlyi, performer, make-up
Kata Hucker dancer
László Kövesdi actor
Béla Stubnya actor
Zsuzsanna Madák actor
Márton Barsi actor
Máté Czakó actor
Ákos Dózsa dancer
Edit Szűcs costume designer
Róza Bánki costume designer
Albert Márkos composer, musician
Ági Halma, make-up
Gábor Dusa video-photo, graphics, technics
Ádám Kun video, video-editor
Ferenc Payer light designer, technics
István Pálosi light, sound
Tamás Sólyom, sound
Dr.Anna Somlyó accountant
Nóra Késmárky manager
Eszter Sáfrány manager