ILDIKÓ MÁNDY dancer, choreographer, teacher
Ildikó Mándy’s works create a stark, precise representation of human relations. Her style is technically complex, yet driven by emotion.
Her versatile career has also included work as an actress, dancer, and choreographer. Ildikó started her training in gymnastics, and subsequently attended a school of mime and dance. She rounded off her dance training with contact improvisation, and trained with numerous noted figures of the new dance scene, including the likes of Steve Paxton and Mark Tompkins.
Her debut choreography came in 1994, when she was asked to choreograph a piece called “Blue Monday”, performed by Artus company, which was subsequently awarded with the prize "The Best Alternative Performance" by dance critics in Budapest.
As a leader of experimental workshops both in Hungary and abroad, and as a teacher of contemporary dance and contact improvisation, Ildikó examines the nature of body and dance, the relation of fixed movements, improvisation, and physical risk in space and time.

She was a founding member of the Hungarian dance theatre company, Artus. Ildikó has also worked with the Central Europe Dance Theatre, the Duna Art Ensemble, the Budapest Dance Theatre, the One More Movement Theatre and the Hungarian Movement Theatre. She has also worked with companies in Austria, Israel, New Zealand and Poland.

In 1999 she established her own company.
In 1999  her dance theatre performance XYZ was awarded the "Creator Prize" at the 2nd Contemporary Art Festival in Veszprém, Hungary. In 2003, she was awarded a Harangozó Gyula Prize from the Hungarian government for her career as a dancer and choreographer.