Premiere: the 18th April, 2008 at the MU Theater, Budapest
Physical theatre with chemical side effects - following the footsteps of  Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is the poet of rebellion, absolute freedom and madness, whose poetry is wholeness.
Macbeth is a story of lust for power. Lust that we fight in others and ourselves.
The story of XX and XY human chromosomes and the existence of human beings are filled with contradictions.

Directed by: Ildikó Mándy
Performed by: Ildikó Mándy, Márk Fenyves
Costumes: Edit Szűcs
Make-up: Ágnes Halma
Fotó: Gábor Dusa
Light-design: Ferenc Payer
Sound: Zoltán Kondás
Instrumentation: XMO-DG-MI
Creative associates: Márk Fenyves, Gábor Dusa, Krisztina Csorba
Production manager: Gábor Dusa
MIFOMWSLM2 production
Coproduction with the Hungarian Art of Movement Company
Supported by: OKM - Ministy of Culture, NKA - Nationa Cultural Fund, Cultural Comittee of Budapest, Foundation for Contact Dance, Orkesztika Foundation - Artistic Movement Studio, Tancelet.hu