ROMEO AND JULIET- freely after Shakespeare
Premiere: 18. 09. 2009. MU Theatre, Budapest;
Other venues: Art of Movement Studio, Dance Festival - Veszprém
The piece is about love and hate, sensual pleasure, the fight against
convention, authority, and vulnerability, and about the desire for
freedom. This is a physical theatre with chemical impacts.
Directed by: Ildikó Mándy
Performed by: Zsuzsanna Madák, Márton Barsi - with „EJI Scholarship”, (Máté Czakó - with „EJI Scholarship”), Ildikó Mándy, Márk Fenyves
Costume design: Edit Szűcs
Make up: Ágnes Halma
Lighting: Ferenc Payer
Sound: Zoltán Kondás
Music: XMO-DG-M
Production manager: Andrea Tariska
Photo: Gábor Dusa
MIFOMWSRJ4 production
A coproduction of Ildikó Mándy Company and the Hungarian Art of Movement Company.
Supported by: Ministy of Culture, Nationa Cultural Fund, Cultural Comittee of Budapest, Foundation for Contact Dance, Orkesztika Foundation - Artistic Movement Studio, Hauser, fidelioEst, Prae.hu, Tancelet.hu, Szinhaz.hu