Shakespeare’s Sonnets

(premiere: 19 December, 2012)


The unstoppable time, passing away, death hide in every moments of our life. The main character of the sonnets is the human reckoning of time (Life), youth, love, career, descendants, decease, all the beauty and suffering of death.
The sonnets deal with the themes of love, sexuality, beauty, creativity, politics, morality, suffering, death...
The collection of 154 sonnets was published in 1609, 405 years ago.
And what has changed since then?
Performed by: Tünde Szalontay
with: Balázs Károlyi
Directed by: Ildikó Mándy
Costumes: Edit Szűcs
Lights: Ferenc Payer
Sound: Tamás Sólyom
Shakespeare's Sonnets recited in the performance are translated by Lőricz Szabó.
Suppoerted by: NKA, Füge, Scallaboushe Színházi Társulat, Kontakt Táncért Alapítvány, MMA
Many thanks for the help in realization of Shakespeare's Sonnets to Andaxínház, to the Artus, to Duda Éva Company, to Füge, to the Picaro, to Scallaboushe Theater Company, to Ágnes Halma and György Tr Szabó!