Premiere: 15. December 2004. - Millenáris, Budapest

The strangest element of our surrounding world is space. Space is not material, but its opposite, the absence of matter. It is nothingness, surrounded by matter. Space can’t be seen, you can only see what surrounds it. So the space on the stage is defined by people. It is a space filled with dancers and musicians together. Their own space is limited by the others’ space. There are 3 dimensions which also constrain them: music, dance and the art of space itself.

Music: Xénia Stollár
Choreographer & Director: Ildikó Mándy
Video: Gábor Dusa
Performers: Ildikó Bodor, Betti Bujáki, Gabi Máté,
Csaba Balogh, Zoltán Kis, Tamás Végh
Percussion: Sándor Födő
Supported by: Ministry of Cultural Heritage, National Cultural Fund, BM Duna Art Ensemble, Artus, Foundation for Contact Dance, Millenáris