5   5 x 5

Premiere: 11 March, 2004. – MU Theatre, Budapest

Five is the most important and the most beloved number in Chinese numerology. In this performance the director focuses on five main human relationships: siblings, friends, parents and children, men and women, rulers and subjects.

5 x 5 is a  co-operation between Company Ildikó Mándy, and 1 More Movement Theatre.

Choreographer & Director: Ildikó Mándy
Performers: Márk Fenyves, István Pálosi, Dóra Szelőczei
Video: Gábor Dusa
Lighting design: Máté Vajda, Márk Fenyves


Supported by: Ministry of Cultural Heritage, National Cultural Fund, , Cultural Commitee of Budapest, MMS