ad A D - inspired by the art of Albrecht Dürer

Premiere: 16 November, 2006. – Jövő Háza, Teátrum, Budapest 

A D is a 3D exhibition where art is being created.

“Every shape appears before us like an object in front of a mirror. We prefer some forms or figures over others by instinct, even though they are not better or worse. We like to see nice things because it gives joy. Perfect proportions provide the most pleasing form not just in paintings but in every little thing as it appears before us.” (Albrecht Dürer)

Director, choreographer: Ildikó Mándy
Costume, props: Kriszta Csaba
Set, video: Gábor Dusa
Lighting Design: Máté Vajda
Performers: Kata Hucker (Jónás Zsuzsa), Gabriella Máthé, Dóra Szelőczey, Dorottya Ujszászi, Márk Fenyves
Music: J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, Blockhead

Supported by:
Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture , National Cultural Fund, Committee of Culture of Municipality of Budapest, Orchestics Foundation, Art Movement’s Studio, Foundation for Contact Dance, Artus, Duna Art Ensemble, Millenáris, tancelet.hu