Preimere: 19 April, 2001.  - Trafó, Budapest
The title represents a paradox. The piece is a study of emotions in the electronic, digitised world in which we live. Three men and a woman search for themselves in a labyrinth of circles and lines, which can be taken as machines to measure time and space.The simplicity of the human body is in constant battle with the complexity of the soul. The body tries to make order from disorder and translate it into its own language: dance.

Choreographer & Director: Ildikó Mándy 
Video: Gábor Dusa
Costume design: Szilvia Pálffy
Lighting design: Joe
Performers: Ildikó Bodor, Csaba Balogh, Zoltán Dékány, Zoltán Kis

Special thanks to: DJ Titusz, Szabolcs Tóth, Kriszta Csaba, Bea Molnár, István Oldal, Kágé, László Vincze, Péter Papik
Supported by: Ministry of Cultural Heritage, National Cultural Fund, Soros Foundation, Cultural Commitee of Budapest, Artus Studio, BM Duna Art Ensemble, Trafó