Premiere: 6 November, 2003.  - Trafó, Budapest

Squat, jog,
do those weights,
work on your bottom!
Eat all you can!
Lose that cellulite!
Frigid women also welcome.
Get on the front page!

The main theme of this work is the distortion of values, reflected in all areas of life.

Choreographer & Director: Ildikó Mándy
Performers: Ildikó Bodor, Zsófi Fóti, Gabriella Ladányi
Participants: Géza Nagy, Ábel Szalontai
Video: Gábor Dusa
Stage design: Zoltán Kis, András Bartos
Lighting design: Gabriella Bánki
Supported by: Ministry of Cultural Heritage, National Cultural Fund, Soros Foundation, Cultural Commitee of Budapest, Artus Studio, BM Duna Art Ensemble, Trafó Home of Contemporary Arts, Artus, Bravúr Dekor, Péter Papik, Artus- Soros Mobiltechnika