Premiere: 22 September, 2005. – MU Theatre, Budapest

In an ideal world, we would live forever – with the option of death. What we get instead is a finite life and an inevitable death.Through their freedom of movement, the performers would like to communicate their musings to you. Perhaps, you will find some answers to your questions…

“I’ve got no illusions about death, but sometimes I wonder what shape it might take. At times I tend to believe that a quick death would be good. However, most of the time I think about dying slowly, gradually, so that we have the possibility to look back once more at our life. But still, do we have the nerve to have fun in such moments?”
(Luis Bunuel)

Dancers: Ildikó Bodor, Gabriella Máthé, Zsófia Nemes, Béla Stubnya
Lights: Ferenc Payer
Costumes: Kriszta Csaba
Make- Up: Júlia Nemeskéri
Photo, assistant to the director: Gábor Dusa
Scenery, choreography, and director: Ildikó Mándy

Supported by:
Mnisty of Cultural Heritage, National Cultural Fund, Cultural Commitee of Budapest, MU Theatre, Budapest, Foundation for Contact Dance, Orkesztika Foundation - Artistic Movement Studio, BM Duna Art Ensemble, színház.hu, táncélet.hu