Premiere: 28 November, 1998.  - Trafó, Budapest

“XYZ” represent three intersecting perpendicular planes. In our case, the three main characters are confined to their territories, with  projected pictures and shadows appearing in and out of the overall space. The characters share their personal living space, each with their own restricted area and are unable to meet in the natural course of things. So when they want to meet, they have to try to overcome their own system, whether temporarily or permanently. In the end, their attempts are fruitless as it proves impossible to meet.
The performance is about loneliness and longing, approaching and distancing, elusive and real encounters.
Idea, scenery, film: Géza M. Tóth
Installation: Gábor Mészáros
Composer: Xénia Stollár
Choreographer: Ildikó Mándy
Directors: Ildikó Mándy and Géza M. Tóth
Costume: Szilvia Pálffy
Lighting design: Gábor Kocsis
Performers: Ildikó Bodor, Zoltán Kis, Tamás Nagy,
Musicians: József Czibere, Tamás Dávida, Boglárka Orbán
Supported by: PRO HELVETIA Ost/West, Workshop Foundation, NKA College of Dance, Cultural Commitee of Budapest, Soros Foundation, Trafó – Home of Contemporary Arts, Artus Stúdió – Caola Rt.